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      English | French | TESOL | IELTS | CELPIP

      Start Your nadian Dream With Us!

      Our Group Of Certified nadian Teachers Are Here For You

      Our Most Popular Courses


      High Quality Classes

      Get the most out of your lessons! Our instructors are friendly, native speakers with a breadth of knowledge. They n help you to achieve your language objectives.


      Flexible Scheduling

      Book private lessons at times that best suit you. Join a group class with a convenient schedule. There’s something to fit everyone’s lendar!


      Affordable Programs

      With classes starting at just $7/hour, and ongoing weekly class promotions, we n help you reach your language goals without going over budget.

      What Our Happy Students Say!

      “Bonjour! Quoi de neuf? Je m’appelle Ricki, and I have been learning French here for 7 months. I’d never been in touch with French before, believe it or not I’m  surprised that I n now actually read, write, understand and SPEAK in French! Credits go to the teachers for encouraging me to “make mistakes” by speaking up in class, which I don’t feel shy to do! I will continue to study French here until I have become an expert.”??


      “I chose nada College of Edution for my studies as it offered the most structured and relevant program to enhance my English skill level. The course drew my attention beuse of its affordability and scheduling flexibility. The teachers are native English speakers and have vast experience in their fields.”?


      “nada College of Edution really helped me achieve what I wanted and even more than that! I never thought that I could get 8.0 out of 9.0 on my IELTS exam, but with the great help I got from CCE and the teachers during the IELTS exam prep class, it beme a reality. Thanks again!”?